5 star inspections really lives up to the name because I couldn't possibly give less than 5 stars! Ben was extremely thorough with our inspection and I was so surprised to have received the report in less than 24 hours! When I opened the report I was completely blown away by how detailed everything was. I felt bad my entire family plus my in laws showed up to the inspection but that didn't phase him one bit. He's extremely hard working and didn't seem to get distracted despite the massive amount of people trudging around him lol! Thank you so much Ben I will refer you to everyone!

Ben is amazing. He was our home buyer's inspector and we were so impressed with how thorough he was, we commissioned him when we found our home. We procured our home 9 months ago and he found many things our previous inspector omitted. My husband and I purchased a new build and Ben was not only available on a weekend (pretty much unheard of in this industry!) and spent four hours with us answering our many questions. Not only was he detailed and efficient but extremely personable. I highly recommend!

Ben is probably the most thorough inspector I've ever hired. The house I thought I wanted to buy was riddled with problems, and Ben even found insect damage in a 2 foot crawl space. He saved me from a third of a million dollar money pit, and if I'm ever in the market for a new house, I know he'll have my back!